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How do you know people are using the new thing you’ve just implemented?

Here are five main ways in which you can tell if people are using the new functionality or tool you’ve just given them. There are pros and cons to each method. For websites, analytics are easily available and you should choose the target metrics in advance, in agreement with the client. For M365 adoptions, there…
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How do you make a path where none exists?

So I’ve been mulling over the challenge of rolling out MS Teams Collaboration in an organisation with a history of working in geographic or professional silos. How should teams use MS Teams to work together? What’s the best way to work together in Teams? While MS Teams has been widely in use and massively boosted…
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Change management – new reflections

I haven’t posted here for a little while because I’ve been preoccupied with an intense change management project with a major client. This work has made me reflect on things. Like how the technology is secondary to the people, and the people seeing the value in changing their routines. I’ve used this period as a…
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Going from offline to online: creating virtual dojos

Creating virtual dojos in a period of days was a challenge successfully accepted!

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Some thoughts on using MS Teams for remote working

This is unlikely to be the first post-Covid 19 musings you will have read. In my defence, I’ve been using full fat Teams at work for about two years now since my employer, an Edinburgh-based tech company, went all in on Teams and dropped Skype for Business. So my views have been formed over a…
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Why do we want things to stay the same

We’re hardwired to resist change.  We like where we are right now (even if that’s not a good place – it’s ours).  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and reflecting recently on why change is hard, and what best practice might look like.    That’s led to me to eight reasons why people fight…
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Decision-making – we irrational creatures

Way back in the dim and distant days of the late 1980’s, I had my first taste of economic theory.  The study of how society reconciles unlimited wants with limited resources, I seem to recall.  It was based on the concept that people behaved rationally, that choices were made in a sober fashion and that…
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Five key metrics for checking on MS Teams Adoption

With the new transparency available in digital products, there comes a new problem. What are the key important metrics that will tell you if people have adopted your product? There are no shortage of things you can track. So every time a user interacts with a digital product, they leave a trail, also known as…
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How do you move files from a shared drive to something like SharePoint?

“Data migration” is something I first encountered when working with websites for a Scottish local authority. This 4,000 seat organisation had not touched its website in years, so the content was stale and unloved and the tech was home-made. I did an identical project around three years later with a second Scottish council, this time…
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Programmatic migration – what can go wrong?

Programmatic migration is where you use software to achieve a fast data migration. It’s far faster than manual migration. It collects information held in one format, or way, and transforms it so that it can be read in a new context or programme. Web content, for example, is often held in a SQL database A…
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Estimating when things are out of your control

So one of the big challenges in successful project delivery is that while you might be able to influence resourcing for your own team, you have limited to no control over what happens at your client.  When the success of your work depends on adoption of the new way of working, or technology, that’s a…
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What’s new from Microsoft?

It is a major challenge trying to keep up with what’s coming out of Microsoft. One colleague described the volume of information as a “firehose”. He’s not wrong. The second challenge is seeing beyond the MS marketing hype. This inevitably dubs even minor stuff as epoch-making and world-breaking. The third challenge is trying to work…
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What’s Modern IT, and what’s Legacy

I work with people who are more savvy than me on information technology. That’s fine, I can baffle them with jargon as well if I have to. One of the more helpful pieces of jargon I’ve picked up is “Legacy”. When you think of a legacy, it’s what you leave behind for most people when…
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