What’s Modern IT, and what’s Legacy

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I work with people who are more savvy than me on information technology. That’s fine, I can baffle them with jargon as well if I have to. One of the more helpful pieces of jargon I’ve picked up is “Legacy”. When you think of a legacy, it’s what you leave behind for most people when you die. It’s the reputation, or good works, which outlive you. In IT, it’s used to describe technology which is alive and kicking but probably should or could have been retired soon time ago.

So when I encountered a simple diagram from Microsoft on “Classic IT” versus Modern Management, I found it really helpful. The original artwork is probably copyrighted, so here’s a remade table instead.

This is something I have pinned, to sneak surreptitious looks at whenever the jargon is flying around.

Classic ITModern Management
Active Directory Azure Active Directory
Domain JoinAzure AD Join
Group PolicyMDM Management
Config ManagerIntune
Software CentreStore for Business/ Portal
WSUSWindows Update for Business
ImagingSelf-service Provisioning – Autopilot
5 to 7 year updatesAlways up to date servicing model

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