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John Kotter's 8 steps

The godfather of Change programmes

John Kotter is the undoubted star of the change literature.  Kotter put forward 8 key points in achieving  lasting change.  In my experience, he’s spot on. The Eight You need a sense of urgency.  Also known as “never waste a good crisis”.  Or you can expect references to “burning platforms” from people trying to ramp…
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Difficult conversations

We all have to have difficult conversations.   Being a particular personality type, I used to be frustrated when working with colleagues with differing personality traits, because I could never understand why they just didn’t get it – why they needed thinking time when the case, or project, caught my imagination with the first glimmerings…
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Building trust

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about trust recently.  I’m asking a group of people who don’t know me to accept my leadership when they don’t have to.  So how am I going to manage that? Here’s what the literature says I should do. Avoid promises, but if you say you’ll do something, you…
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Why do we want things to stay the same

We’re hardwired to resist change.  We like where we are right now (even if that’s not a good place – it’s ours).  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and reflecting recently on why change is hard, and what best practice might look like.    That’s led to me to eight reasons why people fight…
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baby behaviour change

Decision-making – we irrational creatures

Way back in the dim and distant days of the late 1980’s, I had my first taste of economic theory.  The study of how society reconciles unlimited wants with limited resources, I seem to recall.  It was based on the concept that people behaved rationally, that choices were made in a sober fashion and that…
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