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The client

THE CLIENT: Glasgow-based S3 is an umbrella organisation for around 11 international recruitment brands, all specialising in high value markets such as IT security.

THE CHALLENGE FOR THE CLIENT: S3PLC is undergoing rapid change and growth , and made a decision to relocate its corporate headquarters to Glasgow.  An early adopter of Office365, its implementation came at a time of flux and it also recognised a need to improve its use of a SharePoint based intranet in order to increase the business benefits from the investment made in the MS stack.






S3 Offices in Glasgow
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The Challenge for Me

This was a short engagement to assist with an intranet restructure, and to provide some consultancy on ways of maximising value from O365.  Scope and budget management were important, as was building a quick rapport with different divisions within S3PLC, such as communications and IT.  The work was funded by IT but inspired by Communications.






WHAT DID I DO?: I managed the project to its successful conclusion, going live to quality expectations, within the agreed budget and to the agreed timescale.  This involved co-ordinating:  two technical specialists, client side contacts including IT , a full design process including two feedback stages and the implementation of a new intranet theme and high level design.  In addition, our consultancy provided S3PLC with a blueprint for their future work in exploiting O365 functionality.



THE COSTS: This was a short engagement costing less than 20,000 GBP.



THE OUTCOMES:  Higher levels of staff engagement with the S3PLC intranet and a commitment to explore further joint working around Teams and other MS workloads.

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Lessons Learned

What were the lessons learned? 

1>Often IT and communications stakeholders in organisations do not know each other already, and part of the job can be bringing these units together to get a common view and understanding of each other.

2>Staff turnover can be a challenge on projects, with new people taking some time to be bought into initiatives started before their arrival at organisations.


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