Month: December 2017

This is a showcase for my work and a place for learning.

Don’t second-guess

So I recently managed to spend some time catching up on leadership skills.  This post summarises some of the zingers which have stayed with me. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it. Work is a negotiation.  Someone wants you to do something – make a counter offer with a smile.…
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Don’t be a mum or dad

You might be a mum or dad at home but you shouldn’t be forced to play that role at work.  But we all get comfortable with certain roles – and sometimes the people you work with like playing the teenage child who will just sit back in project meetings and let mum and dad get…
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It’s ok to zone out

I recently went on a leadership course with some insightful and astute individuals, including a chap called Robin Yourston.  Robin is a career engineer who came out of the IBM culture and has been stretching himself through research into neuroscience and I was fortunate enough to be challenged by him. Robin had a really good…
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